Historical notes

The building was constructed around the seventeenth century and is now presented with the changes and the alterations made in the last century by Count Rizzolino Azzoni Avogadro.

The villa was built on the ruins of a castle and consists of three towers in a triangle and placed together with a large wall with battlements. Within the first circle of walls were equipped with strong two-way gate that led to the left and right at the top of the hill where once stood the keep of the castle.

This is why the tower was called il bivio (the fork) from which it was then called Bivai.

The Castle of Bivai sustained assaults on several occasions and devastation in many of whom suffered greatly, especially in the siege made by Ezzelino da Romano, who took the warrior virtues of George Teupone who watched the defence made him his captain.

Lords of the castle of Bivai were the Teuponi, who also owned the castle of Bolpere close the Villa di Formicano .
The Teuponi were descendants of Teupo, captain of the Goths, who came to Feltre at 407 D.C. et non ritenendo punto del barbaro e del crudele(and leaving aside any inheritance barbaric and cruel) ,wrote Daniel Tomitano,vi fu ben voluto et ebbe numerose prole (he was well-liked et had numerous offspring).
The Teuponi always gave to his country excellent warriors and generous benefactors.
Peter Teupone Feltre was with the First Crusade and Georgia Teupone brave captain was in Padua, Vicenza, Verona and beyond services Ezzelino Romano.

The Knight John Teupone was the last of this family, left the church of S. Vittore the sluice and lees in the Cathedral of Feltre egregious donations that are still present today.
I The Teuponi belonged to the Guelph fraction .

Inside the villa was maintained a rich collection of minerals and plaster models of mushrooms in the area.

Count Carlo Azzoni Avogadro was appointed the first Mayor of Santa Giustina during the first municipal elections of the Kingdom of Italy on October 7, 1866.

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